Wednesday, May 18, 2011

consider me entertained.

so i recently started watching parks and recreation... which i also recently finished. 
it is so good! i think it's safe to say it is one of my new favorite shows. it is brilliant. i want to be every single character. seriously, i cannot decide who i love most. leslie is so inspiring, chris is so optimistic, andy is so genuine, ron is freaking hilarious, ben is such a cute nerd, and april/andy's relationship slays me.
i also want to live in pawnee. which is saying a lot because the north midwest has never appealed to me [sorry my minnesota friends]. not to mention it makes me super excited for my internship, because i am pretty sure it is an exact representation of an actual parks and recreation department. #sarcasm
i wasn't expecting to get so attached to this show. it has pretty much taken over my thoughts.
this kind of made me die of laughter.
so that's pretty much what i've been doing for the past week.

i also saw something borrowed over the weekend. twice.
i don't know why, i just loved it! actually, i will tell you why: 1) gorgeous man colin egglesfield. like. whoa. dude is hot. 2) his character had the best 'love eyes' slash facial expressions... i don't really know how else to phrase that but you know what i mean. 3) hilarious slash adorable man john krasinski. dude is hilarious in this. his mannerisms were brilliant. 4) the amazing men's fashion. seriously, everything those two wore was pulled right out of my future husband's closet. suits and preppy clothes. my cup o' tea. 5) i'm pretty sure i lived on the east coast in another life because it is my dream. i love everything about it. 6) i love watching best friendships. i remember when i was younger always wanting that one best friend who knew you better than anyone and you could call for anything.
this movie just made me think a lot. i still would go see it again. and i am definitely reading the book.

le sigh.

i will also be watching this in the fall. #girlcrush


Megan said...

those clips just brought undeniable joy to my heart.

ashley in wonderland said...

wooohooo i'm excited! zooey is my girl crush too!

Li-Sha said...

oh my, i love me some zooey deschanel.