Monday, May 16, 2011


once upon a time it was my nephew, cason's, fourth birthday. and i took tons of pictures and then didn't post them for a while. 'cause i'm cool like that.

last saturday he had his first ever soccer game. watching little kids play sports is possibly the cutest thing ever. especially when there aren't crazy parents to ruin it. which there weren't. which was nice.
anyway. behold the cuteness.
 some little boy covering his ears. classic.
 capri-sun break.
 post game snack: krispy kremes and kool aid. provided by some parents. i weep for the future.
 after a nap and much preparation, it was time for his robot party! if you've seen my sister's work before [here. here. here.], you shouldn't be surprised. but you can still be in awe. i always am.
little luci was waiting patiently for the party to start.
cute girl.
 make your own robot.
 robot pinata.
 hello robot cake pop. or should i say... cakebot! lauren is so clever.
 i think i had three. i can't describe how good these were.
it was a long, event-filled day. what a trooper.
love you cason!
p.s. he looks like trent here, no?


Li-Sha said...

ahhh a robot party, i love it!

Lula. said...

Loved having you! Thanks so much for all of your help!! Mwah!