Friday, May 20, 2011

it's about time.

well. my birthday is in a month. so obviously i will be thinking of it every minute of every day from now on.
twenty one? kind of a big deal. but then again, i think all my birthdays are a big deal.
sometimes i randomly think of things i want slash need. so i brilliantly decided this would be the most efficient way to keep track of them. because, yes, i do forget what i want. and peeps gotta know.

also. can we talk about how this picture perfectly depicts who i am?
- unwashed yet decent looking hair
- teal-ish v neck
- wearing locke's wristband
- thumbs up
- brandon flowers concert
all i need is some froyo in my hand and i would be set.


leah marie said...

oh hi. love this! peeps do gotta know, you know.

love you!

joe said...

I can't believe you graduated at 20. I won't until 23, and that's going through school straight. ...unless you haven't and your intership is for next year. Regardless though, where are you at? Still in P town?