Friday, September 14, 2012

austin: the city.

while in austin, we got to hang out about the town a little bit and i have got to say that i totally loved it. it is green and it never felt crowded and there is a beautiful river that runs right through it all.

saturday night we had dinner on sixth street which was a 'must' and sunday before church we checked out the capitol, which was so beautiful. did you know texas is the only state that is allowed to have the state flag alone on the top of the capitol building, without the company of the usa flag? true story.
[i cheated.]
 [davey crockett. we used to call my little brother davey crockett. we were hilarious as children.]
me. shana. hannah.


Anna Matkin Hayes said...

lovin that dress. you and austin go together really well......

Sera said...

I never knew that Austin was so pretty! The day I come visit I want to take a day trip there!

Anonymous said...

You and that dress are a very fetching combination