Sunday, September 16, 2012

a stalwart example.

i have been convincing people that brandon flowers was mormon since i was fourteen. and when he came out with his mormon video i did several fist pumps and then watched it about eight billion times. and then when anna sent me this video this week, i died. i actually died.

basically brandon gives the sweetest testimony and then stands up for the church to renowned evolutionary biologist and atheist, richard dawkins. [btw the interview is just for the first twelve minutes and then there is the performance at the end].
just a couple thoughts:
  1. i love brandon.
  2. he was definitely ambushed but acted extremely appropriately and classy.
  3. although i don't agree with mr. dawkins and thought he was a little less polite than he could have been, i don't think he was aware that brandon wouldn't have a chance to speak for himself.
  4. knowing that people live without hope or faith that our father in heaven loves and looks after them makes me sad.
  5. i love brandon.
i only hope that i am able to face this kind of confrontation with the sincerity and confidence that brandon did. i think he was a great example of stalwart faith and kindly disagreeing with those with opposing views, without cowering or backing down.


Li-Sha said...

AHHH i love this. i think brandon flowers is my husband's number one man crush. LOVE HIM! he's so fantastic. also good looking. for real. i also agree with your number four. i have family that has left the church and they don't believe in ANYTHING now. that would make me so sad to think that there is nothing for me in life.

mr dawkins is a douche. (can i say that?)

Chantel said...

LOVE this! I commend him in every way!

Jaraka Drew Hansen said...

(a) He's a beautiful man. check out those teeth.

(b) I am so proud of him. The world needs more people who can keep their cool and be that respectful and cordial in such a public situation.

(c) amen. and amen.