Friday, December 16, 2011


well. i finished. and it was epically awesome. just kidding. not really. i went to cafe rio and yogurtland after i finished my last test to celebrate #duh. that part was epically awesome.
now i'm back in st george and i discovered i left both my laptop and scriptures in provo. what? how is that even possible? well it is. don't worry though. i didn't forget to bring my computer charger and scripture highlighter. awesome. this is called paying attention to detail.
so i probably won't get any solid posts in until saturday night. my friend is bringing my stuff down, bless his beautiful soul. until then then i will be reading, hanging out with my mother, and this guy:
have you guys been watching 'once upon a time'? if not, repent now, get on hulu, and let your soul soak in the amazingness that is fairy godmothers, princes slaying dragons, and true love's kiss. classic fairytales at their best.

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