Tuesday, December 13, 2011

things i'm going to buy when i'm a real adult.

i often fantasize about what life would be like if i had my own apartment. one day i will have enough money to have my own place as well as cool adult stuff to put in it. i'm excited for that day, that day when i don't have to worry about someone's boyfriend being in the kitchen when i want to get a snack with no pants on. and when i can instill a no pants rule because, let's be honest, wearing pants is kind of the worst. or in a more positive and accurate approach, not wearing pants is pretty much the best.
anyway, when i have my super sweet digs to myself, these are the first items that will be bought:

treadmill - because going to the gym is the worst and watching netflix while i run is the best.
not twin bed - i feel like i won't be a true adult until i sleep in a bigger bed.
dog - because they are basically the best and they love you no matter what and running outside with a dog is kind of my dream.
or cat - cheaper, chiller, i could do a cat too.
apple tv - my computer will only be able to take all this netflix for so long.
knives - some sweet kitchen knives for my cooking needs.
also silverware - because i don't own any.
snuggie - yeah... that ish is definitely going down.
constant supply of cookie dough - tollhouse, obviously. because i don't make cookies.

i just want to be like the cool people in the movies and on tv with their own apartment where they can come home after work and kick it by themselves and don't have to worry about other people. the dishes are always their own and when they go to bed they don't have to worry about a group of guys showing up after midnight for no reason and being crazy loud.
i think i'm turning into an old cranky lady. oh well, might as well enjoy it while i can.


Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean. I can't wait to be able to have my own apartment as well!

Lots of love, B
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Leslie said...

haha. i am so going to buy you a snuggie for your birthday or something... that's awesome! xx

Meredith said...

It truly is the best not having to wear pants and not having anyone tell you to do your dishes. You might really enjoy having your own fridge. It does wonders.

Sera said...

if i could "reblog" this list, i would.