Tuesday, November 22, 2011


tomorrow... today... tuesday i get to go home to st george for thanksgiving break. i'm so excited i can't even start packing, i just want to be there already. i should have gone to to sleep a while ago but i'm already in vacation mode. so excited to spend some quality with the fam [aka david, mom, and dave].
for fhe we made gratitude hand turkeys. this is one of my favorite thanksgiving activities. i always like to have fun with it.
i am grateful for my family. netflix. cafe rio. working out. boots. my leather jacket. the internetz. my ward. answered prayers. transportation. lifelong friends. button up shirts. the book of mormon. my phone. sleeping in. water. strawberry chapstick. pretzel m&m's. opportunities. nice people. faith. root beer. going on walks. black leggings. the killers. mascara. tv shows. bagels and hot chocolate. naps. books. quiet sunsets. lotion. car rides. money. cologne. chocolate covered cinnamon bears. making new friends. mountains. new beginnings. super cool quotes. laughing really hard. peanut butter. 2010 list. 2009 list.

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Elle Keeps Moving said...

love this. and you!