Wednesday, November 16, 2011

single digits.

my lovely friend anna pointed out yesterday at lunch that the number of classes i have left are in the single digits.
for the rest of my life.

i keep forgetting slash it's kind of hard to wrap my brain around. i've been going to school since 1995. that is sixteen years. SIXTEEN. YEARS. do you know what has happened since 1995?

- basically all ten seasons of friends
- the very first pixar movie
- 9/11
- all things harry potter
- dvds
- a royal divorce, a royal death, and a royal marriage
- the iPod
- the rise and fall and [debatable] rise again of britney spears
- netflix. netflix forever.

yeah. life isn't the same as it was in 1995. how will i know how to live without school in this changed world? i have been trying to tap into the memories of my five year old self but it's just not the same.

gone are the days of dress up and hanging out with gina all day every day. no more fairy house making and watching oklahoma every morning. no longer can i waste the day away playing hide-and-go-seek or dancing around all over the house in my underwear [actually... debatable]. i have traded it all in for job searching, paying the bills, going to the gym, and debating what i should and shouldn't eat. my newfound activities are going to weddings, grocery shopping, and making sure i'm being social instead of hanging out with me, myself, and netflix. i call things i like 'guilty pleasures' instead of just owning it.

adult life is sounding really lame. but it's not, right? no, it's pretty sweet. being an adult means progressing, growing, learning. i can make friends from all over the country, all over the world. i can choose who to be and how to be. being myself isn't any harder than it was when i was five, it just is if i make it that way.

so here's to the future. the changes are coming. and they are craaazy. but also awesome. and i'm super excited about it. i like who i am and where i am and where i'm going. wherever that is. this is real life.


Andrew said...

If I become a radiologist I could work from home. And I would probably not change out of my pajamas.

Roslyn said...

Excuse me, but the second rise of Britney Spears is irrefutable, not debatable. Just need to clear that up :)