Thursday, November 18, 2010

bright spots

i love that thanksgiving is in november. at the very end.
it really is perfect timing.
right at the end of the year. when it's crunch time. papers to be turned in. projects to be presented. finals to be studied for. and that's just school. who even knows what it's like in the working world. with deadlines to meet. budgets to worry about. employees to satisfy.
it's tough. to say the very least.
but then we have this great day in the midst of it all. a day that helps us reflect on our blessings, remember what we have, what is most important to us. a day that helps us become grateful for our position in life, who we're with and what we know. a day that brings families closer together, whether it's physically or emotionally.
but just because there is a day dedicated to gratitude doesn't mean that is the only time we can or should think of these things. we should develop a daily 'gratitude attitude', as my mom calls it. whether it's writing in a gratitude journal or thinking of five blessings every night before you go to sleep, i encourage you to reflect, not only on this wonderful holiday, but every day to remember what you have been given and why life is quite wonderful.

my bright spots [to be continued]...
gina's phone call at 7 am. my bed. simple prayers being answered. class getting canceled. getting to bed by 10:30. my job. all of my family. the chance to learn. the gospel. daily scripture study. my iphone [yes]. loving friends. my shoes. my nice apartment. changing weather. church activities. kindness from others. good examples. healthy meals. a fully functioning body. knowledge. love. my mac. my hair. my eyelashes. people who don't hold back. my lds marriage and family class. pumpkin everything. music. particularly brandon flowers. the ability to go two days without showering. a love of reading. my travels. my experiences. the future. hilarious tv shows. late naps. sassy heels. scratching out everything on my to do list. making plans. teal. staying home. waking up with the sun. catching nature's beauty. everything on last year's list.

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Diana Smith said...

I love that video. I always makes me tear up to see these people say what they are happy for! Thanksgiving is such a great holiday to remind us for that purpose!