Tuesday, September 20, 2011

because it made me lol.

top ten ways barack obama can boost his popularity with younger voters:

10. refer to himself as the chillaxer-in-chief.
9. limit speech to 140 characters or less.
8. broadcast oval office addresses in 3D.
7. replace rahm emanuel with a hunky, brooding vampire.
6. trade in air force one for a rocket-powered obama-cycle.
5. answer tough questions with 'whatevs.'
4. change name to bajustin obieber.
3. refer to his abdominal muscles as 'the administration.'
2. check into rehab, go to prison, check back into rehab, go back to prison, check back into rehab.
1. join team coco.



Anonymous said...

Haha these are lol worthy! :)
I love number 4 and 5.

XoXo, Bree
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lauren nicole said...

#7 for the win! :)

Let It Be.