Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the nan.

it was my grandma's birthday last week. so we had a yummy birthday dinner for her sunday!
and i was in charge of the banana cream pie.
have i ever made a pie in my life? nope. 
huge shout out and thank you to my sister lauren for walking me through each step of the process. it was delicious!
cooking: 0 ahlin: 1
 she is so cute.
 niki, nanny, my cousin chantel and her kids.
hanging out with family is always a huge win. #familiesareforever


Anonymous said...

Awww your grandma is seriously so cute and sweet! I love the picture of her blowing out her candles. It made me smile :)

Lauren said...

I love you in that dress. And Nanny is so pretty. Glad the pie was a success.

Meredith said...

Your hair is at a super cute length.

Arrington's said...

Loving the Nan!