Friday, April 8, 2011

pandora gets it.

music often knows my life and how i'm feeling better than i do.

what i want to do:
don't wake me i plan on sleeping
don't wake me i plan on sleeping in
sleeping in by postal service

what i have to do:
we put one foot in front of the other
we move like we ain't got no other
we go when we go
we're marching on
marching on by onerepublic

what i will do:
oh be calm
be calm
i know it feels like you are breaking down
i know that it gets so hard sometimes
be calm
be calm by fun.


Rachel said...

Soooo I love all of those songs. Especially Be Calm. Speaks. to. me.

Georgina Florence said...

be calm.. hmmm. i bet someone cool showed you that song.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love that one repub song. i heard it in poland on the radio the other day and i couldn't figure out who sang it. so, thanks!

Sera said...

pandora is the best.

Anna Matkin Hayes said...

i love FUN. and i love pandora. i so often wonder HOW THE HECK they know exactly what songs i love. it's a blessed site.