Thursday, April 7, 2011

getting my scrabble fix.

i'm not gonna lie. i kind of dominate at 'words with friends'.
just kidding. it was just one time.
'j' on triple letter and 'n' on triple word. and that my friends is how it's done.
just kidding. it was pure luck. like i could actually manage that at 2 in the morning.
poor guy. that was at the beginning of the game.
the first time jeff beat me. i love my three last letters.
words with friends knows what's up.
 he beat me by one point. wrath.
this game is definitely a great way to keep me entertained without completely wasting my time.
and i learn new words that i never knew existed. [qi? quag? say what?]


Brittany said...

aaaaaaa i'm obsessed with words with friends. let's play! except your scores are much higher than mine...

Libby said...

last night my fiance beat me 322 to 321 and i was so angry because this is the first game that we have played together that I am (usually) better at!

codi said...

lets play. asap. im already addicted. codiak12

Jenni Austria Germany said...

words with friends is reason enough for anyone to buy an iphone (in my humble opinion).