Monday, April 11, 2011

week of instas.

i beat jeff again. muahaha. [my username is ahlin90 btw, if you want to play:]
is it possible to have too many golden spoon stamp cards? i submit that it is not.
these fun facts are in the bathrooms all over campus. hilarious.
i actually did an awesome topknot #win
peanut butter and celery. aka my childhood snack of choice.
signs on the library doors. thanks harold. needed that.
almost finished!!!


Cassie Nafziger said...

I love your instas! Is it weird that I sort of look forward to them now? They are just so random and the way--Super CUTE handwriting!

much ♥

Li-Sha said...

yes. i love that the library has those signs... i miss that library! and the fact that the byu bathrooms have a blog just made my day.

brittany said...

instas are the most fun, aren't they? and what a funny bathroom sign. never seen that before!