Friday, February 11, 2011

fifty five.

that is definitely a random number and not how old my dad is today.
happy birthday dad! i am so grateful to be your daughter!
thank you for all you teach me and for always being a stable presence in my life. 
i'm so grateful for all the experiences you have given me and the opportunities i've had because of you, namely:
going to 49 states
seeing my heart, brandon flowers
attending the one football game i went to as a byu student
jonas brothers!
driving a really nice [super fast!] car with seat warmers
surf camp!
efy [three years, baby]

because of you i:
found my love for movies and movie stars
do not hold back my love for attractive men because you indulge me in it
have great taste in music
have a deep love for my heavenly father and a testimony of his gospel

and thank you for putting up with our differences like:
me eating meat instead of being vegetarian
me drinking milk
me listening to hip hop
my incessantly long thick hair

i love you dad!
oh the times of blunt boy hair cuts and chubby cheeks...


taylor elaine said...


Anonymous said...

haha, i love child pictures of you and gina.

your dad is awesome! espesh for indulging you in your love for beautiful men. happy birthday to him!

Li-Sha said...

haha its okay... i think that every single girl had that haircut:)