Thursday, February 10, 2011

just some classic shots that are my life.

driving for fourteen hours across frozen terrain from canada.
a boy that think it's hilarious to take five hundred pictures of his leg.
 conversation kit kats? yes please.
 matt warming up jade and thinking he's so funny.
 jade's sisters painting david's nails while he slept. bahaha.
 oh young love...
 mother warming her hands while getting a pedicure. the nail lady thought this was hilarious.
 looking super cool while getting a pedicure.
 jade putting laken's tights on track under his jeans so he stays warm.
 track plus beckham plus youtube equals bestie cousins forever.


Rodriguez's said...

What a fun post!! Your life is so abundant. I love you

Georgina Florence said...

tender. i miss ju.

Emma Checketts said...

haha i love this. don't worry i'm just blog stalking your blog ;)

Sera said...

i love your family.

Arrington's said...

Where has this post been all my life!!?!?!?!? I'm in love