Thursday, September 23, 2010

to fall.

i love fall.
and as much as i prefer hot to cold...
i'm kind of ready for the 90 degree weather to take a hike.

and with fall comes tv shows!
how i met your mother
modern family
which shows are you excited for? 


Candice said...

I love fall too!! I always get so excited for the change in the weather...well it's like 89 instead of 90 but hey, it's a tad cooler!

Oh, and I love your blog! <3

S said...

Ditto on the love for Fall :)
I was excited for The Big Bang Theory tonight, I had the Cheetos and Teddy Grahams ready and then for some reason I'm still hooked on 90210.
Thanks for commenting on my blog!
You have a lovely blog here and I am in love with your hair color.

Mrs. Richards said...

What an awesome picture! Where is that?!