Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i realize i have a problem.

the hand to hip. it's got to stop.
or simmer down at least.
but i dont know how.
help please.


Li-Sha said...

i have that same problem... i think it's because hands are so awkward. there's nothing else to do with them haha :)

emily said...

hehe. that's cute. try holding your hands together down to one side. the first lady does it a lot and i think it's classy.

Mrs. Richards said...

Don't stop it! It's sexy! That's why we do it! It makes our arms look trimmer, our waists look smaller, etc. I love it.

Georgina Florence said...

the second i read the title of this post i knew what it was about. we should be sisters. better yet. we should be...snisters.

good thing we are.
you wouldn't be ahlin without the hand to hip.
it's equivalent to my bear paw in photos.


N. Puga said...

duuuude...me too.
i feel like a disney princess!

Anonymous said...

i don't know who she is, but her name is GEORGina. anyone with any name sounding like George is a friend to me.

agreed. i hand on hip far too much as well. lucky for amputees who don't have this problem.
the only non-gender specific thing i can think of is flashing the deuces, but you're not azn enough for that...

Katie Marie said...
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Katie Marie said...

the first step is acceptance of the problem.

now you need to join hoha. hand on hip anonymous.

i'm here for you ahlin.