Friday, September 10, 2010

i will not be working for the weekend.

plans until monday:
  • finally reuniting my girl megan after months of separation by going to [our traditional] show, benton paul and nik day. for free. cause that's how we roll.
  • putting a dent in the hdub [that's short for hw. which is short for homework. yes i did have to explain that. some people don't get it. obviously they don't hang out with me enough.]
  • i will own pilates.
  • i've been reading water for elephants. very very slowly. so i want to read a lot of that. after hdub. because i have priorities. now.
  • bonding time with the momma. aka house season 6 marathon. woot.
  • jillian's wedding. "wedding? i love weddings!" i couldn't have said it better myself, jack.
  • remember me needs to be watched. and if you haven't seen it yet, you should also watch it. this weekend.
  • a totally awesome ward activity that everyone should go to because there is going to be f r e e pizza.
  • stake conference. in the marriott center. which means it's a big deal. which means an apostle will probably be there. which is pretty cool in my book.
  • i need to shower at some point. boo.
so. that should be exciting.
what are your plans?

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