Saturday, September 25, 2010


you guys. this is serious.
remember how brandon flowers is coming to salt lake november 17th and i was super stoked about it and searched immediately for tickets and decided there is no price too high for me to see bf?
oh and remember how you have to be 21 or older to be able to attend?
and remember how i'm 20 years old?

heart. shattered.

these are my options:
- fly to long beach and see him in los angeles november 10th
- fly to dc and see him november 29th
- fly to new york city and see him december 2nd

i'm not even joking you guys. it is imperative that i see this man in the flesh. this is my last chance until the killers release another album!
what should i do?!
i love him.

1 comment:

*AnDIe* said...

A. You're dedication impresses me
B. He is beautiful
C. New York would be awesome! (slash probably the most expensive...)
D. LA will be warm and SuNNy!
E. Take me with you. please.