Sunday, September 26, 2010

events. of my life.

friday is date night. so i went on a date. obviously.
it was great. we ate at pizza pie cafe, had deep and fun conversation, went to wilsons diamond and i found the perfect engagement ring, and then saw charlie st cloud in the dollar theatre. the night was seriously perfection.
oh yeah and it was with my roommate lindsay. we be cool.

saturday i slept in, studied for and aced a test, went to the football game with my dad, then hung out at my sister's house for a bit. me and daddy-o ended the night with some golden spoon and grocery shopping.
i'd call it a successful weekend fo sho.

this is [part of] the testing center line. usually people wait in lines for something they want. not something they're dreading. i heard one guy comment 'we're like lambs on our way to the slaughter.' nice.
this was the first byu football game i've been to in five years! [since my brother trent played for them] it was actually a lot of fun and i loved seeing my friend romney play. except he got hurt! yeah i think i'm bad luck...


Hannah Emily said...

I was at the game, too. not gonna lie, I was slightly embarassed to be a BYU fan last night...ah well better luck next time

Anonymous said...

outside of the fact that BYU got their trash kicked, funnest game I have been to yet. I love it when they make it into "that" kind of a game.