Tuesday, August 10, 2010

party in the tennessee.

we left st louis in the afternoon and headed toward nashville.
on the way i spotted this sign [please tell me you've seen this movie...] and more green trees.
i seriously love all the green and humidity.
we ran into a lot of construction and detours on the way but it turned out perfect because when we finally got to nashville we were able to tour the ocean way recording studio with my brother. a ton of big time stars have recorded there, i only wish i knew as much as trent so i could fully grasp the importance of that opportunity.
dinner at jack's bbq. pulled pork, mac & cheese, and baked beans. way good.
please dont mind my sick nasty traveling face next to brooke's perfection.
after dinner we walked around broadway and on the bridge across the river
the next morning after my run [man i am so good] and a super healthy smoothie made by trent, we went to pancake pantry. it was sooo good, i just about died.
as i was standing in line, i looked across the street and i saw this:
whoever recognizes this gets eight billion gold stars.
i literally said out loud 'no way!' when i saw it. it was pretty exciting.
we then made our way to the country music hall of fame. so so cool.
i may have spent almost an hour watching the taylor swift video...
we then rested in a park for bit and decided to go on a horse-drawn carriage tour!
somehow recovering from our brunch at pancake pantry, we went to dinner at cantina laredo. amazing mexican food and the freshest guacamole i've ever had!
trent and brooke. love them.
they then showed us music row and we stopped in front of studio b for a pic
the next morning we went to church and then headed to franklin. we had lunch at mellow mushroom and i pretty much didn't eat for the rest of the day. because there was so much. and it was so good.
i ate a lot of food on this trip...
me and my big bro
trent: "ok ahlin, i guess you can have your picture with me..."
after lunch we went to a civil war battleground site in franklin. it was really interesting, i haven't been to a civil war site in forever.
the carter house
the carnton plantation
after that we went back to trent and brooke's and pretty much just packed and relaxed. way nice,

the next morning i flew back to p town and here i am, wondering how to begin my life again.
thanks so much for everything you guys! it was SO good to see you and where you live! love you!


emily said...

how fun!! i've really been aching to go to tennessee. jealous.

Jen Kerr said...

jealous!! p.s. i used to live in Franklin and play on that civil war memorial! haha so fun!

chelsea rebecca said...

seriosuly you went to all my favorite places!!!!! i was at pancake pantry on friday morning no lie. i go there probably once a week!! {the sweet potato pancakes are the BOMB!} and hillsboro village is my fave. did you get a chance to go to pangea? its the coolest shop. and you saw the dragon i destroyed! HAHAH. MELLOW!!! i mean you see why i go there once a week! so great. too funny to think you were all about in my hometown! most likely i was at sweet ceces in franklin stuffing my face! hahahahah.
hope you come back to tennessee SOON!