Sunday, August 8, 2010

i left my heart in st l

after i went on a run with jeff in the morning [it felt so crazy good. jeff's a freaking beast], we got smoothies with dad and will and then headed to the anheuser-busch brewery. now, i'm not a huge beer fan, in fact, none of us drink, but it was still really interesting to see how much beer is made and consumed by this company alone.
so much beer.
jeff looking longingly at the beer. you can't tell but he's on his tip toes.
a german guy attempted to take our picture on the trolley. fail.
also, can we all just take a moment to ponder jeff's beard and the thickness thereof.
we then ate at this suuuper cute place that was owned by my new friend, abbie's, sister. i was seriously so inspired to start my own restaurant.
after that we somehow managed to eat frozen custard. yum. then it was off to the arch.
let me tell you something about my relationship with the st louis gateway arch.
i love it.
it's pretty much the first monument i remember going to [when i was six] and i went again when i was 12 or 13. and i wasn't any less excited to go to it for a third time. i didn't even care about going to the top, i just wanted to see it in all its super tall glory again.
will tanning off the wall of the arch. jeff attempting to woo me with his muscles yet again. jeff then contemplating his life by the mississippi river once i turned him down. yet again.
we had some fun in the arch's museum it too.
view from the foot of the arch to the city
drove by the cardinals' stadium
we then went to forest park, which is probably one of my new favorite places ever.
jeff still contemplating why on earth i would deny him.
after we visited the park we went to fitz's, a really fun and yummy restaurant. we just about died from all the food. so good.
will went catatonic.
after we had stuffed ourselves of fried awesomeness we went back to jeff's house and watched maverick. but not after will took me for a spin in his dad's jaguar [love] and showed me the nearby temple.
seriously. such a great day. makes my favorite days list fo sho.

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Georgina Florence said...

looks so fun. you look adorable.

don't take that compliment as forgiveness. you're still in the doghouse. for life.