Friday, July 2, 2010

mr. flowers

remember how the killers are my favorite band of all time?
and how i love brandon flowers even more so than the killers?
if you don't, you can refresh your memory here.

anyway. brandon decided that while the killers are taking a break [don't worry, not a permanent one], he would make a solo album. and that he did.
sadly, it doesn't come out until september. but, he did come out with a single last monday [the 21st. aka his birthday. aka the day after my birthday. aka we're meant for each other].
so here i am. sharing it with you [because i obviously bought it the second i knew it was available. without even previewing it. and i love it].

don't worry, there will be a follow up post come september about the whole album and brandon flowers in general. word.

happy friday!

1 comment:

taylor said...

Ummmm, you have my eternal thanks for this post. I love him too, and I LOVE this song!!! I'm gonna go get it right now. Seriously, amazing.