Saturday, September 1, 2012

i'd actually like to stay awake through the entire month of september, thanks though.

this is only the most important month of my life. september equals labor day, all my tv shows coming back, cooler weather [maybe?], mere weeks until i see my family in utah for the wedding of the season, and, lastbutnotleastmostimportantactually, the killers are coming out with their first album in four years. 

my soul has been waiting for this for a very long time and i don't really know how it will react. wait, yes i do: pure ecstatic joy, the kind where there is so much goodness to soak in you don't even know where to start. i might cry, i will scream, and there is nothing that will be running through this girl's mind besides the lyrics that i can only imagine will throw me into a state of unadulterated euphoria.

anyway.... they have been releasing 'teaser trailers' for their upcoming album so i thought i would share the finished product that came out this week on this glorious first day of september. let the countdown begin! [haha jk i've been counting down for months.]

there are probably two people on this earth who actually understand and fully accept the love i have for brandon. one of them is anna and the other is my future husband who is somewhere around here and i have yet to meet.

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Anna Matkin Hayes said...

hahaha i was laughing so hard throughout this entire post. hahah. i understand and your FEC.