Thursday, August 30, 2012

friday night crafts.

this is what a couple of girlfriends and i decide to do instead of go outside. all you need is some 'friday night lights' [read: matt saracen, tim riggins, the taylors], a quick trip to michael's and delicious ice cream to completely indulge in and not feel bad about one bit.

we did some homework via pinterest and shana saw this cool idea of painting a canvas, taping a pattern on it and then painting it white. it turned out amazing! as for me, i went for the classic decopodge collage with one of my favorite scriptures. i got the frame on sale at michael's for seven bucks! what up.
d & c 6:36 - look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.


Cassie Nafziger said...

I love this!! So creative--how did you do the paint rectangles? Tape? So cool--and this saying is so inspirational. I love craft nights--actually having one today at my bff's. We're scrapbooking though. Last time we got together to craft we tie-dyed some shirts ♥ Fun!

Leslie said...

girl you are so creative. it kills me.