Tuesday, September 18, 2012

austin: the departure.

yeah. there were three parts to this austin series. who knew. [not you].

we made two food stops in round rock before continuing the journey back to dallas. hannah's mom demanded she bring back donuts from round rock donut so that was stop numero uno. and wouldn't you know it, they had the biggest donut i have ever seen. appropriately named 'the texas donut'. [everything is bigger in texas, remember?]

after we had our fill [which i didn't have due to the no sweets deal. next time!] we went to the salt lick, which was supposed to have the best bbq around. i didn't have any but the sauce was way good and may i say they had the best potatoes i have ever been privileged to put in my mouth. really. so good. i also had a nice large salad and more bread than i am willing to admit. i regret nothing.
a vegetarian's paradise.
also. do i even need to say it? battle born today!!!

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