Wednesday, September 19, 2012

kind of like stealing.

this one time i got a dresser, a desk and a nightstand for a grand total of eighty dollars. as in eight zero. as in super cheap. yay for thrift stores that are the catholic version of deseret industries. yay for best friends who let me text them and ask for their sound opinion. yay for heavenly father fulfilling silly needs like having drawers to put my things in.

i have been wanting a dresser forlikeever. and finally, after three months, after numerous debates running circles in my head of what kind of furniture to get, i was able to take my clothes out of the cardboard boxes they came in and placed them in actual drawers. decorations to come soon...
did i mention they were eighty dollars? such a steal.

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Rodriguez's said...

You scored! Good things come to those who wait. Love