Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a second letter to the cute boy in the red toyota:



i mean, wow. i saw you again yesterday. some people call that fate. i also call it fate. 'you are my density.' [back to the future reference.] [i am on a roll with these 80's movie sci fi references.] [making a note to stop.]

anyway, what a coincidence right? out of the hundreds [thousands?] of people leaving at the five o'clock hour to hurry home from work, i end up with you. again. i mean. wow.

so you have an iowa license plate. that's cool. i am assuming you're from there. did you grow up on a farm? did you play in corn fields as a child and sleep under the stars? i am imagining you in a straw hat and shirtless with overalls on right now. that's cute.

oh geez. you're fixing your hair in the rearview mirror. could you not? it's like you know that a nicely coiffed head of dark hair is my very favorite. ok. ok now you're just taunting me.

so who are you talking to on the phone? [good job not texting btw. we're making strides.] it's probably your mom. your mom who is in iowa shucking corn as you tell her how much you miss her and her home cooking. hey, i can cook. true story. i taught myself, like, two years ago. i must say i am just keep getting better and i would love to start cooking for two. but i mean whatevs.

last time we were together, i hung around, got to know you a little bit, waited until you made your exit. but this time, i am going to tempt our density destiny and leave you first, without looking back. [this is called 'hard to get'. my sister told me about it once.] if we ever meet again [ugh, yes, that was a timbaland/katy perry reference] i just don't know what the universe would be telling us.

yes i do.

it would be saying 'hey ahlin and red toyota boy. what up. why are you being so dense and not answering when fate comes knocking - nay - crashing down your door? come guys. we're all adults here. have a little sense and talk to each other. thanks.'

until next time, cute boy in the red toyota...


Anna Matkin Hayes said...

you seriously saw him again?? stop it hahah. you guys are going to get married and then you are going to have to show him these letters and he will love you even more. or he will run away. hopefully not though.

Emma Checketts said...


Leslie said...

If/when you see him again, you should crash into him. Yes, your insurance might take a hit, but it'll be worth it when you have a billion babies together! Just sayin

Kellie Ann Prusse said...

Get it gurl!!! ha ha

Lula. said...

So funny.

Appa said...

Lini -

These are HILARIOUS! You MUST publish.

Love you!