Wednesday, July 11, 2012

we can't lose.

anyone who knows me could predict this post from a mile away.

the killers came out with their first single in four years yesterday called 'runaways' and i made it my personal goal to listen to it as many times as possible while i was at work. [what is eight hours divided by four minutes? boom.] and of course, i love it.

it starts out sounding a lot like brandon flowers' 'crossfire', which makes sense since he was writing that for the killers anyway. it goes on with a hopeful feeling and then bursts into a full techno rock adventure early and keeps it up throughout the whole song.

i can see myself running to this song, blasting it in the car, or having a punch dance party for one. to put it lightly, i am obsessed and i can't wait to see what else they have in store come fall!

[seriously though. i cannot wait. this is a slow torture i can't get out of. this song is the closest thing to a cure. #onrepeat]

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