Thursday, July 12, 2012


drove to southlake to have breakfast with courtney, a byu friend who was in town for a deloitte conference at deloitte university [so official]. we found some hippos at starbucks and decided to ride them. not even ashamed of my awkward straddle.

went to the dallas farmers market with valentina, now a saturday tradition. this picture does not do it justice. more pics will come, i'm sure.

my justin bieber cd that i requested from niki niki sent for my birthday using her own free will came in the mail and i had a little victory dance party for one.

per courtney's advice, i started my own food storage! i actually got pretty excited about it. slowly but surely i will have enough to feed an army [ahem, myself] in case of an emergency. 
[oh yeah and that is my teapot in the background that i use to boil water since i don't have a microwave. no one takes my oatmeal and tea away from me!]

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