Monday, July 2, 2012

i'm an adult.

since moving to dallas, i have slowly been coming to terms with the fact that i am an adult. i keep getting and doing these things that i have always associated with 'real adults', like having my own apartment, insurance, a 401k, 8 to 5 job and my favorite adult thing of all, my own car.
my dad helped me in way too many ways to count when i got this car. the searching, the researching, the negotiating, etc. but i have it and i love it. this rav4 is my spirit animal. the only way i can accurately describe our relationship is like in 'avatar' how they have to choose their own crazy bird dinosaur thing. yeah. i went there. i don't have a name for it yet but i love it and we have already had some good times. 

here's to adulthood and monthly car payments.


Anna Matkin Hayes said...

obviously the best purchase possible!!! that is the cutest car ever for the cutest grown up ever. Rav4 life! (did you see what i did there...did you??)

Kelsey Justice said...

Haha I love how you describe your car as your spirit animal! That's how I feel about my blue jeep!

Mrs. Richards said...

oh my gosh... that was the best analogy ever. so glad you went there.