Friday, June 29, 2012

so there was this one time when i turned twenty two in dallas.

and it was awesome.

last wednesday [the 20th... mark your calendars for future reference. jk. not really.] was my birthday. and i turned twenty two. and it was so great. i was kind of worried celebrating my birthday so soon after moving to a foreign land but it was actually kind of amazing. i received many a text and tweet and facebook message and phone call and email [thanks gold's, you know i'm not a member any more, right?]. i was definitely feeling the love. i even had a package from my aunt waiting for me on my porch when i got home from work.

so the day. i will tell you about it. i woke up, went for a run and took a shower [i want to start of the year on a nice clean note, ya know?] before work. my coworkers took me to lunch to ihop because i was really feeling some breakfast food. no judging. 

when i got home from work i just chilled for a bit before some friends came and picked me up for dinner. we met a group at an asian fusion cafe called asian mint and it was delicious. they had some dang good thai food [my favorite] and they even brought some ice cream out and sang to me! it was awesome.

after that we went to a friend's apartment for some crazy amazing costco chocolate cake and ice cream. oh my goodness. it was incredible. and huge. i ate it for days. no joke. i had it for breakfast and or dinner for like four days. single living for the win. they also gave me a $50 gift card to world market to buy some things for my apartment! 

all in all, it was amazing and i could not have asked for a better birthday. well i guess if everyone i loved was with me that would have been cool too... but you get the point.
 thank you everyone for the incredible day!

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