Tuesday, July 3, 2012

things i have learned about dallas texas by living in dallas texas.

1 - not that many people watch 'friday night lights'. usually when i ask them they say they don't have to watch it, because they lived it. [um ok then, where are coach taylor and tami taylor and matt saracen and tim riggins, huh? that's what i thought.]

2 - there is definitely more of a designer style here rather than a trendy, hipster, deseret industries style. so that will take some getting used to. [let's be honest, the most designer thing i own is from banana republic. and i'm not quite sure if that counts.]

3 - it really is hot here and it's supposed to only get hotter... but i am inside all day and only really experience it on the weekends.

4 - "ya'll" is definitely a thing. and i have not caught it yet. [soon enough...]

5 - i promise there is no exaggeration when i say that everyday i see someone jaywalk. and i'm not talking about running across the street real quick, i am talking about major roads, crossing six lanes of traffic, standing on the median waiting who knows how long for the speeding cars to pass. it really is straight crazy.

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