Monday, February 6, 2012

life as a college graduate.

you must be wondering what i have been doing with all this wonderful free time i have now that i have no school [or work...please bless]. well, i will tell you. it has not been ill spent. for the most part.
hit up park city with some friends. no celeb sightings though. don't remind me.
brought out the jb calendar . bean museum fun with the kiddos. i had to put on a brave face for a snake sighting
new shoes. thank you santa for my tj maxx gift card . some relaxation inspiration
 a birthday dinner and some bff chats with leslie and sarah.
 date night with the men's volleyball team . best mug ever
relief society meeting... guess which treats are mine . fhe with niki #bestever
 and would you look at that. it's official.

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