Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's raining, men.

i have recently become obsessed with old men. yes. i just said those words.

harrison ford. 
homeboy knows what's up. he had me at 'uh, everything's fine, situation normal' in star wars and 'i hate snakes!' as indiana jones. basically he is the ultimate bad a slash good guy and i love him for it. if i ever tell a guy i love him and he responds 'i know', i will marry him on the spot, no questions asked. also, archeologists are now at the top of my list of people i need to date asap.
robert redford. 
before there was brad pitt, there was robert redford. (although, the resemblance is uncanny). robert's perfectly coiffed hair, intellectual spirit, and variety of characters make for a man you cannot deny. he is a baseball genius in the natural, a smooth swindler in the sting, and the cowboy i would like to take me away in butch cassidy and the sundance kid. and then he gives michelle pfeiffer a foot massage in up close and personal. stop it right now.
colin firth. 
there is a reason that it was divinely decided long ago that colin firth should play mr. darcy. honestly, if you have not seen the bbc version of pride and prejudice, do yourself a favor and buy some ice cream, pizza, a super soft blanket, and set aside five hours as soon as humanly possible in order to right this wrong. and then do not even get me started on the king's speech, the importance of being earnest, love actually, and what a girl wants.
the end.


Jordyn said...

The Sting is my number one favorite movie of all time. A large part of that high ranking is the large amount of sexiness that Redford and Paul Newman provide. Dayummmm

Haley said...

Oh man. Queueing a Robert Redford movie on my Netflix NOW.

ktb said...

Ummm.. yes! Thank you :) Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones = love of my life!! haha.