Tuesday, February 7, 2012

therapy by crafting. and netflix.

this weekend, anna helped me overcome my ocd slash fear of using pretty paper. i have had this issue for years and this was the first time i was able to face it head on and win. after much debate and driving around, anna helped me see the ridiculousness that was me buying new paper instead of using the cute paper i already had [and have had for over a year]. thanks anna!

then i dedicated my saturday to making awesome invites and watching downton abbey. maybe the entire first season. idk.
that night, leslie finished up the invites while i wrote my lesson for relief society. and made super cute handouts [with the same paper]. and listened to the most amazing valentine's playlist ever. i'd say it was a successful saturday.
aren't these stamps amazing? they matched the invites perfectly.


Li-Sha said...

haha i am the same way! pretty pens, pretty fabric, pretty paper, you name it, i rationalize and beg to buy it, and then never use it because it's too pretty! and what if i mess up! and then i have to get more! aaah! also i haven't watched downton abbey yet but i think i need to. its got rave reviews from everybody!

Jessica said...

I love Downton Abbey! Now go watch the second season on pbs.org!

Anna Matkin Hayes said...

you are so welcome! i want to play again soon. love love