Tuesday, October 25, 2011

big super important news that is life changing.

 this girl 
[aka mine bestie/soulmate/bff/ec sarahmaines, you may have heard of her]
is going to marry this guy
[aka awesome/hilarious/new bff danny duke]
 there are no words to express how excited and happy i am for these two. honestly, i could not hand pick anyone better for sarah. danny is so great and it has been so fun to see their relationship develop from the very start.
i remember the first time sarah talked about him: it was at yogurtland [of course] and he sounded so hilarious, i couldn't wait to meet him. since then we've had a lot of fun times together, from rsl to my birthday party to their california trip this summer. 
here's to more good times and fun memories. we're glad to have you danny.


Sera said...

i feel like these pictures perfectly describe us. me = all hipsterified [and] danny = being some sort of magician warlock out of COD or WOW.

thank you for putting up with us and being "cumin". :) WE LOVE YOU!

Arrington's said...

congratulations!! how exciting!!