Thursday, July 28, 2011

ahlin's perfect weekend part 1

um how do you describe the best weekend ever? i don't know.
sarah, danny, and colby came down for the weekend and we had such a blast. they got here friday evening and then we went over to the mcgrath's for a bbq (fun and delicious, as always). then we hit up yogurtland #duh and called it a night.
the next morning we cruised down pacific coast highway to huntington beach. it was perfectly sunny, not too crowded and i even got to see anna! huge plus. bless twitter for it's instant stalking abilities.
after we had lunch at cpk, we cleaned up and headed up to dodgers stadium. it was one dollar dodger dog night #awesome so we all had our first dodger dog! #epicnessinmymouth
mine bestie sm. please compare to the exact pic almost a year ago. #weheartbaseball
i don't know what's cooler, our super yummy frozen lemonade of my childhood...
or seeing bill nye the science guy sitting right by us. #forrealzzz
probably seeing bill. the man taught me everything i know.

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Libby said...

hahaha it would make my year if I saw Bill Nye the Science Guy at a Dodger game! I would probably chant "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" the whole night too. Jealous! and I am jealous that you got to eat some Dodger dogs, so good!

Libby on the Label