Thursday, July 14, 2011

momma turns the big [blank blank].

she's not even that old. psh. and she doesn't look a day over thirty.
happy birthday momma! yet another year goes by and i am not with you on your special day. lame. one day when i grow up and don't have to be a super responsible student i will be there. and it will be legendary.
here are some of my favorite momma memories:

- the last week of early morning driver's ed, she let me drive around a little bit. this is like at 5 in the morning people. and i was terrified of going over 30 mph. and my mother does not break rules. so it was kind of a big deal that i didn't have my permit yet. omg we're so bad.

- in elementary/middle school she used to blast this song every morning to wake us up. i'm pretty sure it was on one of my 'now' cd's. she's so hip.

- my junior year we were the only only two at home for thanksgiving so we just hung out in our pj's, watched movies [we got really into 'the work and the glory' movies...yeah], and made a delicious thanksgiving breakfast! seriously, best thanksgiving ever.

- last october she came up and stayed at snowbird for a week. it was so beautiful and so fun to be together. again, lounging around, talking, eating, shopping. what can i say, that's how we do.

- one time when i was in high school she put up a pictures of me around the school and wrote "you can do it!" and other motivational stuff like that. i'm pretty sure i thought that was hilarious. [she's always trying to embarrass me. doesn't work.]

- when i lived at home she would come in my room in the mornings on the weekend/holiday/summer, open the blinds and sing "good morning, how dooo you do? the sun is shining, the sky is bluuue...." it was awesome. now she lets me sleep. because she's nice.

- oh yeah, remember that one time she went to the brandon flowers concert with me in vegas? #bestmomever #nuffsaid

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Rodriguez's said...

OH the memories we share!! One of my personal faves....the journal you left on your neatly made bed almost every morning where we would write notes to each other. Priceless!!