Tuesday, October 19, 2010

red orange yellow

this weekend was full of wonderfulness and wonder.
we had a ward date activity that we [the activities committee] were in charge of. it was a carving pumpkins date, so guess who got to go buy the thirty pumpkins from smith's? me, kelsie and josh of course!

just in case you were wondering, thirty pumpkins at 19 cents/lb is about $100. and people will stare at you when you have to bring three carts full in from the outside. even though it's october. why it's weird to buy so many pumpkins in october, i have no idea.

saturday my mom and i met up with niki and some of her friends after a wedding at blue lemon in salt lake [um, so so good. seriously, check it out.] and my brother trent and his wife brooke were there too! it was such a nice surprise and so good to see them.

they had luci mae for the day too. she is to die for.

on our way to nordstrom rack, my mom and i passed this historic site. i definitely did not squeal and beg my mom to pull over so i could get a pic. it's old news to her: her siblings went to high school there who knows how long ago. luckies.
after we shopped [and by 'shopped' i mean looked at super cute stuff and didn't buy anything], we went back to the hotel where my mom is staying in snowbird. i had never been to snowbird [it's a ski resort up a canyon by salt lake city] but being up there was the best thing for me. the drive was so beautiful and i realized how much i love the mountains, especially now. seriously. look.
this is the hotel slash resort we stayed in. um. it's awesome. i could hang out there every day.
sooo pretty much that was my weekend. let's just say i want to be up there all week with my mom instead of being the responsible student slash employee that i am.


Candice said...

It's so beautiful there with all of the fall coloring..
How cool that you got to go to East High!! I totally would have insisted on getting a jumping pic there too :)

Georgina Florence said...

fly me home.

emily said...

jealous. i need some of that snowbird right now.

Lauren said...

Those pumpkins! What a spectacle.

And I am poaching that pic of Brooke and Luce as I have NO photos of this weekend. Can you believe that? Thanks :) hugs.