Monday, August 23, 2010

pre. school.

so school starts in a week [um, holy cow] and i'm just trying to live it up before then. and by living it up i mean hanging out, watching friends, working, and more hanging out. livin the life.
last week i went over to lauren's and she made the most awesomely healthy looking salad i've ever seen. it also tasted awesome. plus and plus.
then i got to hang with these cuties. seriously. love them.
i'm awesome and left my keys in my scooter overnight. bless you, honest people of p town.
we went to a salt lake bees baseball game saturday night. lovvve baseball.
which was followed by a fireworks show. fireworks!
i'm gonna miss summer... but i'm ready for fall.


Georgina Florence said...

my favorite part about this is that girls face behind you and sarah at the game

Anonymous said...

i'd've so jacked your ride. i want a self propelled transportation device of the two wheeled variety.