Saturday, June 25, 2011


i guess i kind of disappeared for a bit there huh?
well here's a little update to be followed by more and longer updates:

i'm in california.
i started my internship.
i'm twenty one.
sarah and hannah came to visit me.
they took me to the kooks.
it was awesome.
now they are gone.

it's been a LOT of adjusting and getting used to but this is an awesome opportunity and a great experience i am very grateful to have!

coming soon [as soon as i buy a power cord]:

some last shots of utah
father's day fun
birthday celebrations
the maines' visit

woot woot.
a little teaser: found this gem at an old friend's house.

also, did i already find and have the nearest yogurtland? maybe. yes. those chunky cheeks don't appear by themselves.

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Emma Checketts said...

That is the cutest picture eva!!! also... are you holding a sword.