Sunday, May 29, 2011

running with angels.

last saturday my family and i participated in the running with angels 5k.
this run was especially important to us because this is the program that helped matt and jade so much with locke. i've never really run a race for a cause that meant something to me or with so many people who i love. it was a really great experience and the perfect day for a run. we ran around thanksgiving point and it was absolutely perfect.

me, my mom and two of my sisters.
 i love my family.
we got a pretty big group together for our team. some of jade's family came down from canada and idaho. even leslie and jen came ran with us! #ihavethebestfriends
afterward we went to ihop [where i ate my weight in, oh, everything #splitdecision] and i got to sit next to this cutie.
 then we saw free kittens in the parking lot. first thing on my to do list after i graduate: buy a kitten
there were also some puppies. laken and track were in love.
 if this sign isn't legit, i don't know what is [please take note of the knife].
i love being with my family.


Kelsey said...

Oh goodness I love the knife in the sign! Those kittens are so cute.

Li-Sha said...

hahaha i love the knife, and i love in the last picture the kitten climbing up the side of the cage.

Arrington's said...

Uhhhm, you forgot to mention how I, your wonderful brother Matthew, came in 23rd place overall and 2nd in my (old) age category! Wha-da-deal?! :)

Georgina Florence said...

no i'm not jealous. also, you guys look so alike in that first pic it's crazy!! too bad my face is missing. do some photoshopping..asap.

Lauren said...

So fun!!!
And I love the knife in the kitty sign. How funny.