Friday, May 27, 2011

it's a love story.

two of my best friends from high school got married last weekend.
michael and michelle.
and let me tell you. it's been about six years coming.
seriously. i have been waiting for this since i was 15 years old. one summer day in 2005 michelle said she liked someone in the ward so i said every boy's name until she blushed and denied [very unconvincingly] that she liked michael. after some sleuthing i was so sure he liked her too. but alas, we were not sixteen so we had to wait another year for anything to happen.
why yes my whole head is hideously braided, thank you for noticing. is girl's camp a good enough excuse to do that? i think not.
junior year was weird. michelle dated mike's best friend. mike dated someone else. pretty much nothing that was supposed to happen did. it was a long year and a long story that has been blotted from our memories [really though, we don't talk about it. very taboo. in a kind of hilarious (to me at least) way]. i did go to homecoming with mike though. best first date ever, so fun. after our trip to europe that summer, michelle decided she couldn't date shawn anymore. so she broke up with him. sad. for him.
mike came up to byu that summer and for the next year michelle went to visit him on a pretty frequent basis. i don't think they were ever technically dating though... weird. the next summer, we graduated and mike came back home to st g before going on his two year mission to sweden. before he left... let's just say they finally 'fessed up to their feelings.
so he was gone for two years, she wrote him rather consistently and when he came back, they finally began to for real deal date each other. except, another problem: she went to suu and he went to byu [3 hours apart, omg!]. so guess who's couch michelle became best friends with? her best friend's of course! [ahem. that's me.] so for the past eight months i've been able to not only see my high school bestie on a regular basis, but i was able to watch this relationship finally unfold into what it was meant to be all these years.
last weekend they were married for time and all eternity in the st george temple.
 and yesterday was michelle's birthday. i'm so glad she lives here now so we can go to gold's together and then subsequently get some froyo [no one loves frozen yogurt like michelle, not even me].
happy birthday my friend.


Meredith said...

I wondered when you were going to blog about this. I'm happy things ended so wonderful for them. Junior year was weird with them not dating.

Georgina Florence said...


Ash said...

awww such a sweet story, im a sucker for a happy ending! xx

Michelle Judd said...

Nose! I love this blog post...and not just because it is about me haha you are a good writer, you depicted our story perfectly, I was laughing out loud half the time. What a crazy 6 years it has been and you have been with me along the ride the entire time. Best friend ever! Thanks so much for everything you have done for me, you are the best!...but seriously haha. See you soon!