Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i ain't yo holla back girrrrl

this post is not about gwen stefani. close though.
whilst listening to my katy perry pandora station [i'm trying to keep up with what the kids are listening to these days] whilst cleaning my room yesterday [i like the word whilst], i came across this song. and kind of fell in love with it. and then proceeded to jump around and dance to it. in my room. by myself. #howwedo
avril never fails me. girlfriend does no wrong. speaking of girlfriend...
then this song came on. i heart katy perry pandora.
i also heart p!nk. maybe because she was the original 'use punctuation instead of a letter' party girl [sorry ke$ha, but it's true]. or maybe because one time i watched a two hour vh1 documentary on her life. or maybe because this video brought her and her husband back together, even though it's about them splitting up.
idk. she's pretty awesome though.


Georgina Florence said...

sure. i'll let ju borrow my two secret loves.

taylor elaine said...

I love me some Avril. Her songs are so dang catchy! I'm gonna be singing these allllll day.

Kendall said...

Ok, so this p!ink song is my FAVORITE and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!! I LOVE the part where she chest butts the guy...because I have done this...In fact "I'm still a Rockstar" is one of my favorite quotes. Not many people have seen "Kendall the Killer" but if you have (drunk Ute fan that was chest-butted...drunk jerk that I threw off the bus...Bubble Butt Brandon whom I threw over my shoulder...) but she is a lot like p!nk in this video!