Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the written word.

there is just something that text messages, emails, wall posts, blog entries, and @mentions will just never replace.
a thoughtful handwritten note.
1 - i came home to a package from my dad with a card and two loaves of my favorite bread that he knows i can't buy because i don't have a costco card. so sweet and thoughtful!
2 - my mom wrote this on the last page in one of my notebooks like two years ago and it's always a nice surprise [and reminder] when i see it again.
3 - my visiting teachers left me these smiley face cookes [chocolate chip are my faaavorite] and this cute note on my plate. i love my friends!
4/5 - gina sent me this letter/poem/ode written on a paper towel. this is why we are snisters.


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You are LOVED, Little Lini!