Tuesday, April 12, 2011


things that take priority over showering:
- sleeping.
- eating.
- deep thinking.
- watching [insert show i am currently addicted to].
- exercising.
- staring at my ceiling.
- urgent engagements [would be late to work/class].
- watching killers/brandon flowers music videos.
- tumblr/twitter/blogging.
- being lazy.
- debating whether to shower or not.
- figuring out ways i can make my hair look decent without showering.

things that take priority over sleep:
- last week of class/finals week..

things that take priority over getting massive papers done in a timely manner:
- anything on the internet that is slightly interesting.
- looking at people.
- standing up.
- walking around.
- thinking about how much faster i could get done if i focused.
- looking at the cute boy in front of me.
- trying to see if there is a ring on his finger.
- watching 'the office' on someone else's computer.
- listening to girl talking on the phone very emotionally next to me.
- laughing at guy on the other side of me who is annoyed at the girl on the phone.

this is all truth. all the time.
and this describes exactly what is happening right now.

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