Friday, April 15, 2011

things that made this insane week bearable.

people always ask if i'm worried about finals but let me tell you something. the last week of classes is way worse than finals week. everything is due and, unlike finals week, they don't give you two full days to write the two papers you were assigned to write at the beginning of the semester but never was able to get around to. i never thought this day would come. especially when i was looking at it from sunday night's point of view. but come it did! i am here, no more papers, no more assignments, only finals week and then it is officially over.
here are some things that kept me sane and not hating life:

- walking past blooming trees and being able to smell them. i've been waiting for this for so long! i literally stopped, jumped up to grab a branch and took a deep breath in. yum.
- running into my friend anna at the library. sometimes i have to remind myself that we've only hung out like twice #bloggingbesties
- leslie got a twitter. be prepared for a wave of @mentions coming your way.
- i saw someone watching prison break in the library while doing homework. my hero.
- talking to slash getting pep talks from my mom. whoever thinks they are too cool for their mom is a sad sad person.
- talking to jade and getting 'invited' to pinterest. yesss, another thing to get addicted to.
- eating taco bell every night before i go into the library. i should probably start a taco bell fast.
- rediscovered byu creamery ice cream. hi peanut butter chocolate goodness.
- eating with a taco in one hand and huge ice cream cone in the other. quite the sight to see, i'm sure.
- my room stayed relatively clean this week. a messy room adds severely to my stress level.
- reading this blog. girl cracks me up.
- seeing fernando torres' and joe jonas' doppelganger multiple times. no joke guys. it was weird.
- watching new brandon flowers' videos and debating whether to see him in vegas this weekend or not. still debating...
- my dad paying for the battery in the car. thanks so much papi!
- finding out adam ruri is coming to town!
- hanging out with my sister and her kids. plus golden spoon. #perfectday


Jordyn said...

Whoa, nicest shout out ever! It's so funny because I've been surviving this hell week on your blog too, particularly your list about not're speaking my language!

Anna Matkin Hayes said...

ummm HELLO you know jordyn!!?!?! we are besties!! well not really..i just wish i was. we should all hang out. fro yo please?? i love running into in the libs. it literally made me so happy.

Eva said...

I know what you mean, I actually used to love it when the tests would finally come. You can just focus on taking the finals and not about getting papers written or things handed in.

Appa said...


LOVE YOU, Lini!!!